Edwardian engagement rings

Edwardian engagement rings

When you are searching for the largest selection of the highest quality Edwardian engagement rings, Israel Rose Jewelry should be your first choice for your next jewelry purchase. We offer you a full line of certified Edwardian era pieces that will be sure to please you. With our extensive experience and education, we can confidently offer you unique jewelry items that can be found no where else. Our expert jewelers have the resources available only to a select few of the finest jewelers across the world. We strive to ensure that your complete and total satisfaction is our number one goal.

Israel Rose offers you the most exclusive collection of some of the rarest jewelry pieces available anywhere, such as:

Antique Diamond Jewelry for Men and Women

Certified Retro Jewelry

Vintage Tiffany Designer Pieces

Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco Era Pieces

Israel Rose Jewelry has decades of experience in the jewelry business that allows us to bring to you the finest selection of Edwardian engagement rings ever to be seen. These stunning rings will accentuate the true beauty of your loved one. We are proud of our impeccable reputation in the Diamond and Jewelry District and around the world. We are a second generation family owned and operated business with decades of jewelry experience which allows us to show you the finest collection of the rarest pieces of jewelry anywhere.

Edwardian era jewelry is some of the most searched for and desired style of jewelry that has captivated the public these days. The Edwardian era peaked in its popularity from 1900 through 1915. At this time, grace and social sophistication were at its height during any event and social gathering. It's important for you know the difference between a true Edwardian era piece versus an Edwardian-style era piece. There are several ways to distinguish a true piece of Edwardian jewelry such as the types of metals used, and the cut of the stones.

Israel Rose Jewelry offers you several ways for you to browse and purchase your next jewelry items. We have a user-friendly web site that offers you pages of select jewelry pieces available to you. You can also make your purchase directly on our home page, or you can schedule your private viewing at our incredible show room located at 21 West 47th Street, Booth 21. You can also simply call us at 212.944.2370 and speak with one our friendly and knowledgeable certified jewelers to set up your private viewing.

Edwardian engagement rings are some of the most important pieces of jewelry in our history, dating back over 100 years. To own a piece of this history is considered to be quite rare and elusive. At Israel Rose Jewelry, we have the the largest selection of the most exquisite, beautiful pieces of Edwardian era jewelry that can be found anywhere. We have the expertise and the resources that allow us to present to you our extensive collection. We offer you the affordability that you desire, with quality that you deserve. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

Edwardian engagement rings
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Edwardian engagement rings
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Edwardian engagement rings Edwardian engagement rings