Antique jewelry

Antique jewelry

When you have decided that you are ready to purchase the finest, highest quality piece of antique jewelry, please allow Israel Rose to assist you with all your your jewelry needs. We have the experience, the education and the know-how to guide you through the enjoyable process of the purchase of your next jewelry investment. We offer to you a unique collection of the rarest, most precious stones and metals from around the world. You will be totally astounded with the collection and selections that we have to offer you. Whatever you are looking for, we are confident that we will be able to deliver, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

When you are looking for a unique and totally distinct selection of the most beautiful and highest quality jewelry, you can be assured that Israel Rose will offer you:

Antique Bracelets

Unique Pendants

Indescribable Necklaces

Men's and Women's Rings

So, when you are in the market for antique jewelry, and you can't find what you are looking for, Israel Rose has the selection and the most complete inventory for all of your jewelry desires and needs. We are here to offer to you decades of jewelry expertise and experience to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have a second generation of jewelry experts that have been locally and family run since 1947. We also have an impeccable reputation in the Diamond and Jewelry District. We are proud of our accomplishments, as we offer them to you.

When you visit our web site at, we offer you several choices on how you can purchase your next jewelry investment. We offer to you a user-friendly web site where you can securely and confidently purchase your next jewelry item. You can simply go to the home page of our web site to schedule your private viewing in our unique show room. You may also want to contact us by phone. Please call us at 212.944.2370 to speak with one of our highly experienced jewelers to schedule an appointment, at your convenience.

At Israel Rose, we also understand that you may not feel comfortable purchasing a piece of jewelry when you're searching online. That's not a problem for us. We offer you the opportunity to visit our show room. We are located in the heart of the Diamond and Jewelry District at 21 West 47th Street Booth 21 in downtown New York. You can schedule a private viewing of our complete inventory to ensure your privacy and security. We understand that your next jewelry purchase should be just that. Private and secure.

We, at Israel Rose, would deem it our complete privilege and pleasure to assist you with your next purchase of antique jewelry. We strive to ensure that your complete satisfaction is our priority. We have the most beautiful and unique inventory of the finest and rarest most beautiful gems and stones, along with the experience and education of our world known jewelers to assist you with your next jewelry investment.

Antique jewelry
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Antique jewelry
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Antique jewelry Antique jewelry